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Outdoor and Indoor Exploration – (Science)TEAM

We want to teach the children to explore and question like a Scientist. We provide opportunities both outdoor and indoor, at nature and playgrounds environments, for children to figure out just how the world works by engaging in a series of steps called the Scientific Method. When they play and explore these environments, they will exercise the Scientific Method which includes observing, forming questions, making predictions, carrying out experiments and discussing. Children find patterns and build theories to explain what they see, and collect “data” to test those theories. Children also learn from each other while having fun time together.

MiniSoft & 3D Printing – S(Technology)EAM

The MiniSoft education system, an innovative programme developed by Canberra Preschool in collaboration with *Spacelytic is a platform for children to access search engine pages using a controlled version of internet in a safe environment. The system allows children to search for theme-related activities, songs, information in educational and child-friendly webpages, developing in them independence in ownership of their learning. Other unique features include an email communication system which allows children to communicate with their parents providing them updates with activities in the centre; a presentation module which guide children to create presentation slides based on information researched earlier; a data Management module that introduces children to graphical representation to data collected for their theme-related activities. Children gain confidence, develop literacy, numeracy and social skills while doing collaborative research with their peers.

3D printing module is introduced to Kindergarten for their Project Work. They learn about the applications of this fun and advanced technology and take part in the design of their 3D products. This 3D products will form part of their individual Project Work showpiece.

Robotics – ST(Engineering)AM

At Canberra Preschool, we have researched and developed, in collaboration with *Avenue Learn, a proprietary Robotics and Coding programme specially for children aged 3 to 6 years old. These programmes are integrated into learning environments designed to stimulate creative learning, logical thinking and innovative problem solving. We have selected various robotic tools which cater to the different age groups from 2 years old to 6 years old.

Our robotic educational kits are not limited to one but include a variety to ensure age-appropriateness. These kits are specially designed for pre-schoolers and they add new dimensions of creative, fun learning for children. Our robotics activities do not involve sitting alone; in front of a computer. Robotic kits allow children to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while engaging in collaboration and team work. We are excited to empower our children to become creative leaders in the digital era!

* See Our Partners’ websites for more details

Music – STE(Art)M

Canberra Preschool “Little Music Explorers” music programme, in partnership with *The Music Connection, aims to impart life- learning values, introduce musical concepts, as well as enhance children’s knowledge and skills from an early age.  This music and movement programme is specifically designed to integrate explicit focus areas on life learning lessons with musical concepts. The music curriculum was constructed based on the Kodaly, Dalcroze and Orff methodologies that are widely used internationally. The syllabus revolves around different instruments each term and children will be able to pick up and grasp the basic skills of playing these instruments.

* See Our Partners’ websites for more details

Gymnastics – STE(Art)M

Gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive exercise programmes available to children as it incorporates the training of strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power, and discipline. We are excited to be partnering with *Gymkidz to help children develop physically, cognitively and emotionally. The programme is delivered with high energy and focuses on children’s engagement to develop healthy minds and strong bodies. It focuses on the 4 domains of children’s development – physical, social, emotional and cognitive. The activities are designed to enhance the “I CAN” attitude, linguistic development, music and rhythm, fine and gross motor skills, auditory and visual stimulation, confidence and self-esteem.

Creative Art & Craft – STE(Art)M

Our weekly timetable includes lessons for Art and Craft where children get to draw, create, paint and model using a variety of media based on the themes for each week and month.  We believe that children learn best when they are provided with hands-on experience. We offer an environment where it is fun and safe to experiment and create; where questions are encouraged and children have access to the materials they need to create their art works.

Literacy – STE(Art)M

At Canberra Preschool, we build a strong foundation in English language by integrating Letterland Literacy programme in children’s daily activities. The programme uses simple stories and songs to explain letter sounds and shapes.  This allows children to progress quickly to word building, read and writing.

In addition, we also incorporate the Key Link Reading programme where a balance approach is used, acknowledging the importance of both form and function of the literacy processes.  Together with activities like show-and-tell in the classroom, role play and creative writing, we inculcate in children the love of the language, building a strong foundation for successful literacy development.

Our curriculum is bilingual as teachers of both languages are co-partners of each class.  Children are introduced to the Chinese Little Bee Reading programme designed to engage children’s curiosity about themselves and their surroundings. The meaning of sentences is supported by clever illustrations engaging the children’s response to the story plot.

Character Building is an important element of our curriculum and both our English and Chinese reading programmes also include readers on Character and Values-Centred reading programmes where we cultivate in children, not just the love for the languages but also the development of characters and core values.

Numeracy – STEA(Math)

At Canberra Preschool, we aim to build a strong foundation in children’s numeracy by creating an environment conducive to learning of mathematic concepts. Our teachers employ the strategies for setting up the learning spaces, use of children’s literature and planning the daily routines and interacting with children around math-related concepts. Numeracy concepts are further strengthened when teachers provide children with words, materials and resources to explore and investigate mathematical concepts.

Our Philosophy

We believe that each child is unique and is highly competent with innate abilities waiting to be unleashed. Children are curious by nature and are eager to explore the world around them; a world which is changing rapidly. We strive to prepare our children for this future with a holistic curriculum that merges the traditional methodology and modern technology to evoke children’s imagination and maximise their potential.

Our Vision

To be a leading preschool which provides high quality, well rounded education to develop future leaders who are life-long learners.

Our Mission

We are committed to:

  • Provide a safe, fun and stimulating environment for children to explore and discover the world around them.
  • Enhance children learning experience through innovative use of technology.
  • Partner with parents, families and the community in the children learning journey.
  • Value educators’ professionalism as they play a key role in supporting children’s learning and development.