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Our Curriculum


Our curriculum is built around the six domains under-pining the MOE Curriculum Framework. The curriculum aims to nurture children holistically so that they are confident, have strong social skills and a good foundation in literacy and numeracy.

Our planning of age-appropriate activities to achieve these learning goals are derived from the three key cornerstones. Firstly, our Contents (Lesson plans) are developed using the Thematic approach. Secondly, our teachers will apply the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) teaching philosophy to deliver these lesson plans and lastly, these lessons will be conducted in the Centralised Learning Centres, the specially designed learning environments to support these teachings.

We use technology and media to enhance the learning experience and to make it exciting, relevant to children.

We include enrichment programmes which have been specially selected from experienced professionals who are forerunners in their respective arenas.

We place a strong emphasis on bilingualism and our programmes are designed to inculcate in children the love of learning both English and Mandarin languages.

This uniquely in-house designed curriculum and pedagogy will direct and channel all our STEAM learning outcomes toward achieving the progressive developmental goals defined by MOE.

Playgroup (From 18 months onwards)

A safe and comfortable environment to allow them to experience and explore the world around them.

Use of English and Mandarin thematic learning and supportive teaching by our loving and experienced teachers.

Our curriculum facilitates their cognitive, language, social, emotional and physical development through a variety of activities from stories, art and craft, music and movement, pretend play, cookery, sensorial play and gymnastic activities.

Introduce age-appropriate robotic tools to enhance children learning.

Opportunities to acquire basic self-help skills while building the foundation for them to be independent learners.

Nursery (From 2.5 years old onwards)

A balanced approach where students will get will get ample opportunities to play and learn at the same time.

Use of monthly themes in both English and Mandarin to introduce literacy and numeracy concepts, on top of facilitating their cognitive, language, social, emotional and physical development through a range of activities.

We actively engage them in group discussions and group work, while encouraging positive interaction and opportunities to identify conflicts and resolve differences.

In addition to our daily programme which includes gymnastics and music appreciation, 4 years old will be introduced to basic concept of programming using robotics suitable for their age.

Kindergarten (From 5 years old onwards)

A holistic approach to ensure they are school ready and are prepared for their Primary school journey.

We recognise that children’s developmental domains are highly interrelated and it is important for us to provide a wide variety of language, physical and interactive activities with teachers and peers.

During our activities time exploring our monthly themes, children learn to read and write, while gaining a good understanding of letter sounds and blends.

Numeracy is further developed with more complex concepts being introduced.

Children continue to enjoy gymnastic, music and cookery classes which have the thematic elements integrated making it a fun and enriching learning experience.

Children engage in project works where they develop in-depth knowledge on topics that are of interest to them.

Using 3D printing and in-house developed software tools, children learn to appreciate technologies and embrace the changes for future success.

From the foundation they developed in Coding and Robotics in early years, children are now able to do simple programming and build simple robots in the context of the themes and projects.

Our Philosophy

We believe that each child is unique and is highly competent with innate abilities waiting to be unleashed. Children are curious by nature and are eager to explore the world around them; a world which is changing rapidly. We strive to prepare our children for this future with a holistic curriculum that merges the traditional methodology and modern technology to evoke children’s imagination and maximise their potential.

Our Vision

To be a leading preschool which provides high quality, well rounded education to develop future leaders who are life-long learners.

Our Mission

We are committed to:

  • Provide a safe, fun and stimulating environment for children to explore and discover the world around them.
  • Enhance children learning experience through innovative use of technology.
  • Partner with parents, families and the community in the children learning journey.
  • Value educators’ professionalism as they play a key role in supporting children’s learning and development.