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NKCP – Bacillopeptidase F Blood Flow Supplement

NKCP – Bacillopeptidase F Blood Flow Supplement

08 March 2021

NKCP Bacillopeptidase F
2ND Generation “Nattokinase”
Purified Filtrate of Bacillus subtilis natto Culture
NKCP : Need Healthy Circulation
NKCP is originated from “Natto” , a traditional Japanese food made from soybean.
NKCP, which contains a functional protein called bacillopeptidase F, helps to maintain healthy circulation.
Heart disease and cerebrovascular accidents caused by thrombus are the major diseases to cause death. Once afflicted, it is common for quality of life to be threatened.
* Process patent: Japan No. 3532503
Functional Benefits.

Three Functions
1. Anticoagulant effect
2. Blood viscosity-decreasing effect
Patent Application: Japan No. 2004-331559
Patent registration: South Korea No. 10-0709300, Taiwan No. 284537
3. Thrombolytic effect
Function – 1 Anticoagulant effect
When compared NKCP and other natto-derived supplement, NKCP has an anticoagulant effect about 100 times higher in human blood.
Hitosugi M., et al.: Anticoagulant and fibrinolytic effects of functional food materials produced by Bacillus subtilis, natto, The 54th Study Meeting of Rheonology 2006, Japan
Function – 2 Blood viscosity of human blood
Function – 3 Thrombolytic effect
The administration of NKCP has a fibronylitic effect and the improvement of local blood flow.
The coagulation/fibrinolysis system is comprised of a series of complicated reactions designed to maintain the balance between healthy circulation and prevention of excess bleeding. Many factors can influence this system, however, it is not easily disrupted. In the event that
the system shifts towards excess thrombus formation, it is challenging to return the system back to balance. Because it is difficult to lyse a formed thrombus, the emphasis should be placed on prevention of thrombus formation rather than on thrombolysis.
By inhibiting thrombus formation and decreasing blood viscosity, orally administered NKCP® helps maintain balance, shifts blood away from clot formation, and enhances circulation throughout the body.

Subject symptom improvement
Packaging : 120 Tablets
Recommended Intake : 2 to 4 Tablets / day


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