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FIR – Energy for life Far infrared is between 4-14 microns.

FIR – Energy for life Far infrared is between 4-14 microns.

08 March 2021

Far infrared saunas work by emitting a certain bandwidth of energy that resonates with the water and organic cells of the body. This pulsating of water molecules causes an increase in core temperature, which mobilizes the lymphatic system.
Far Infrared Medical Facts & Research Data Detoxification and Research from Japan Over the last 25 years, Japanese and Chinese researchers and clinicians have completed extensive research on far infrared medical treatments and report many amazing discoveries. In Japan, there is an ‘infrared society’ composed of medical doctors and physical therapists dedicated to further infrared research. Their findings support the health benefits of far infrared therapy as a method of healing.
FIR Sauna Detoxification Report Testimony: Karen Russell, a Los Angeles health consultant, who accumulated high levels of heavy metals, mercury and lead, had tried DMSA treatment, supplements and foot detoxify treatments in the past 3 years but still had trouble detoxifying heavy metals. Karen attended the ACAM (American College of Advancement in Medicine) conference in Phoenix, Arizona in November, 2007, and met Dr Doris J Rapp, who recommended she talk to Phil Wilson about the Relax FIR Sauna. Karen then purchased the Relax Lie Down Sauna at the show, and used her sauna everyday for about 1 hour each day. Within one month, her blood reports showed that her mercury and lead levels were normal for the first time in 2 ½ years. Furthermore, within a few months of daily use, her skin texture changed dramatically, her cellulite decreased over 65-70%, and her BMI decreased from 38% to 20%. Laboratory Report: C. C. Co. in Taiwan shared Karen’s case with a local M.D., who is an authority on heavy metal detoxification therapy. The medical doctor clearly pointed out that heavy metals have two chemical bonds that stick to fat tissue, thus making heavy metals almost impossible to remove from the human body. Standard heavy metal detoxification treatments, such as Meso-DMSA, DMPS, D-Penicillamine, CaNa2EDTA, and BAL (Dimercaprol) therapy insert chelating drugs into the body. Those treatments can be painful, expensive and can also cause side effects. He was therefore open-minded for an alternative heavy metal detoxification procedure. The Relax Sauna is a Great Detoxification Tool: To confirm Karen’s results, an electrical engineer patient participated in this experiment. Urine samples were collected before and after using the Relax FIR Sauna. When analyzing the urine samples, laboratory data showed that Triple amounts of Arsenic and Nickel had been removed from his body and detected in the urine (Arsenic: Before- 89.2 ug/g-creatinine; after- 220 ug/g-creatinine). Body fluids and the blood delivered those separated heavy metals to the kidney for metabolizing, creating urine and removing those heavy metals from his body. (See chart on the back side of this report to see other heavy metal results.) The Relax Far Infrared Sauna definitely helps the body to eliminate heavy metals: For the best detoxifying results, accurate energy wavelength (4-14 um enhance cells resonation) and well-built energy intensity (1400 watts of power to enhance circulation) are both required. When both of these requirements are met, heavy metals can be released. This is similar to the shaking off of a crab which has clamped itself to our hand. Normally, this is difficult to have both Purity and Intensity. (Planck’s law says this is impossible.) But because of the patented semi-conductor chip, The Relax Sauna Company was able to achieve this. (Planck’s law implies as you increase intensity, you lose purity.) Relax FIR Sauna produces only Far Infrared Light between 4 and 14 microns (Purity), giving you the same warm feeling you have when you look at the sun, close your eyes, and feel wonderful warmth in your body. All of the light energy that causes your skin to feel very hot when you are in the sun (ultra violet light and near infrared light) is filtered out by the Relax Far Infrared Sauna’s unique patented semi-conductor chips. Therefore, your body receives ONLY the Healing Far Infrared Light. You are not distracted by having to resist any near infrared light.


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